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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Oct 4 14:53:21 EST 1997

McKenney wrote:
> Excuse me, it is entirely conceivable that one could drive a spike in a
> tree and not have it seen by a logger and not found until hit by a saw or,
> perhaps, found by a metal detector.

Conceivable but not likely. Believe me, loggers look very close at
trees. I mark trees for cutting on harvests. Then I "show" the timber to
prospective buyers. As I walk around showing the marked trees, if any
trees have even a little nail in it 10' off the ground, I can be SURE
that all the loggers will point this out and say "I hope you deducted
your board foot tally on that tree with the nail it." A spike is not
invisible and it is going to leave a hole if you drive it completely.
How can it NOT be seen? I've never met a logger yet who isn't several
times more intelligent than your typical state or federal forestry
bureaucrat. <G> (dodging for cover). I'm serious about this. Around here
most loggers are self employed businessmen- and it takes a LOT more
smarts and hard work than being a paper shuffler. The only time they hit
metal is when some idiot drove a nail into the tree 50 years ago, or a
bullet. Even fencing isn't usually a problem because most of this metal
is on boundaries and boundary trees shouldn't be cut anyways- and even
then they can see remnants of the wire and cut ABOVE it leaving hideous
looking high stumps; which is why I NEVER mark trees with old wire in

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