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>> I hope you're young and vigorous, or have deep pockets.  Find out how
>> many seedlings per acre large landowners are planting, and double it.
>> You have room for about 100,000 little trees.  
>Hmm,we would plant 125,000--150,000 on that size of land.The effect is to
>increase quality thrugh the crowding effect.Our government (Sweden)doesn`t
>subsidize this exercise by a dime,but will fine one rateher heavily if the
>re-growth 5 years down
>the road is less than the 100,000.

In the part of the country where Forest has acquired his land, the
predominant softwood species is Loblolly pine.  At initial stockings of
over 1,000 stems per acre they tend to stagnate in growth before they reach
the first thinning.  Common practice is to plant 500-700 seedlings per
acre, with some plantings as few as 300-400 seedlings per acre.  The point
is that what works in the PNW or in Sweden may not apply in Louisiana.  On
the other hand, it is interesting to know what you guys are doing.   :)

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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