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> Corporate plantations are logged on about a 60 to 70 year cycle where I
> live, but the tax structure in the USA makes long cycle management of
> individual holdings almost impossible.  We have a heavy inheritance tax
> that has to be paid within 6 months of death, so if you plant at 50
> and die at 80, your family either has to sell the land or log it and
> start over.  It's a rare family that has the cash resources to pay the
> inheritance tax without liquidating the estate.
Sounds familiar--socialism does a lot of evil things,be it in Sweden or the

People here tend to beat the death duties by selling the land to their kids
a "family  price" to keep everyone happy.This means on the other hand that
the elder
generation gets hit could get hit by a capital gains tax of some 30%,so the
family price needs to be kept as low as legally possible.
The net effect is that the tax consultants are kept fat and happy.


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