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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Oct 6 04:28:04 EST 1997

Anders Axelsson wrote:
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> > Corporate plantations are logged on about a 60 to 70 year cycle where I
> > live, but the tax structure in the USA makes long cycle management of
> > individual holdings almost impossible.  We have a heavy inheritance tax
> > that has to be paid within 6 months of death, so if you plant at 50
> > and die at 80, your family either has to sell the land or log it and
> > start over.  It's a rare family that has the cash resources to pay the
> > inheritance tax without liquidating the estate.
> >
> Sounds familiar--socialism does a lot of evil things,be it in Sweden or the
> US.

I'm no socialist, but socialism sure isn't any more evil than
laissez-faire capitalism; which is doing a fine job of wiping the
American middle class.

You Scandinavians are making a big mistake when you take apart your
sophisticated form of socialism. 5% of your people will become
fabulously wealthy and everyone else will become poorer. Is that good?
Is that moral and ethical? There is nothing more hypocritical than
American political philosophers who try to fuse Christianity with social
Darwinism. Such a fusion is fine for those who love the Middle Ages. An
egalitarian society is much more likely to practice the fine morality
and ethics of the Christian ideal; even if most of those "socialists"
are atheists. Of course I'm sure there is room for improving your system
but improving it doesn't mean making your own "Bill Gates" because to do
so you'll also have to make the equivalent of the American ghettos;
crime, bad scools, drugs, all the real evils of poverty. Being poor in
an American city is far worse than being poor "down on the farm".

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