120 new acres

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Oct 6 17:49:43 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> Same here, yet we occaisionally do get to do the job right.  Just off
> the first day of marking a tract for a Trust.  Marked about 150,000
> board feet (Doyle, FC80) for a very good day for my childrens mothers
> husband.  We are leaving a very good stand, even with a fairly heavy cut
> (average 347 bd ft to the tree).  A buyer for companies or one of our
> wood buyers (timber pimps in Texan) would have diameter cut and left a
> stump orchard.
> The only problem on the job so far is the herd of boar that ran though
> our little task force about day light, and kept us would up for a few
> hours.  Certainly can mark a lot of timber when running on adrenalyn.
> --

A herd? How many were there? Are they dangerous? But heck, you're a gun
nut aren't you? (just joking, just joking). And what about snakes? I
heard that large poisonous snakes love to hide near the palmettos
waiting for foresters to come along. <G> Oh, also, glad I remember this
one- what about those "killer bees", are they a problem? Or do they help
drive the wimpy foresters into office jobs and leave the woods for you
real John Wayne types?

How many helpers did you have to mark that 150 mbf? What sort of marking
tool do you use. (a conversation only fully appreciated by "mud"
foresters- all PHD's can skip this paragraph)

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