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I am coming back from China. I was a teacher at the China Textile
University and also worked for a Mail Order Joint Venture. I want to go
back to Shanghai as soon as possible and start one of even several
businesses. I have plenty of ideas... to serve hundreds of millions of
customers. I am looking for sponsors who accept to ''give'' $20 to $100 to
help me start. I promise to keep you posted about the progress of my
venture(s) and give you the benefits at prorata of your participation. You
could also join me in Shanghai to help me manage. If wealthy business
people are interested to invest, I can take charge of everything and they
remain the boss (owner) at 100%. I will be happy to be General Manager or
Coordinator. I have many contacts in Shanghai and twelve reliable people
fluent in Chinese and English can join me to help Cies establish a business
or Joint Venture (legal aspects thanks to a friend lawyer, search of office
and industrial space, accommodation for foreign staff, recruiting, etc.). I
have a lot of references and am very mature, with 30 years experience in
four countries: France, Canada, USA and China.
Pierre Girondeau - 2135 Bleury, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2K2, Canada    
E-mail:   sebrp at

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