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Mon Oct 6 06:23:47 EST 1997

Joseph, you write:

> They don't learn
>from the vast legions of state service foresters, extension agents, ad

Don't know about the Socialist States of New England (grin),  but there
are ten procurement foresters and "wood buyers" for every consultant or
service forester in the South and the ratio is expanding with cuts to state
agencies.  And who do you think the landowner sees first? 

The service forester/consultant gets the property after the sale. 
Sometimes you just want to throw up your hands.  I qualify this by saying
that there are wood buying foresters you can well trust your timber to.  In
Alabama they are accountable through the registeration process.  But you
better be damn sure...

The new county of SSNE...Yeah, I like that.  Kinda like CSA.

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