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> Rather than being disingenous, why not simply say what you mean, that you
> think EF! was responsible even though they don't claim to have done it?  In
> other words, that Bari and other EF!ers are lying?  Why beat around the
> bush?  Cut to the chase, man!

Oh, chill out Baccus.  I said nothing of the sort, implied nothing of the
sort, and didn't even think it.  E!F is a bunch of raving anarchists, and
no way is Judi Bari or anybody else qualified to speak for them.  You 
can't blame an organization for something if there isn't an organization
to blame.

All I was saying is that Judi Bari claims she didn't spike trees.  Fine.
I believe her.  She says spiking trees was a loser, and they don't do
that any more.  Fine.  I believe her.  

I also said the whole question was moot (means irrelevant, if you don't
know) because mills have all installed electromagnetic metal detectors
that kick any spiked log off the line.  This catches bullets, fence wire,
spikes and no trespassing sign nails.

Nobody in the timber industry worries about it any more.  It's strictly
an urban concern.  I'm willing to bet that the yoyo screaming about
E!F doesn't have a single callus on his hands that a golf club didn't
put there.

You gotta quit slipping your meds.  The world really isn't full of demons.

-- Larry

Cave ab homine unius libri.

> Of course, at the same time, how about offering some proof that they actually
> did it?
> And, what makes you think EF! paid for an "ad"?  Catherine said it was an
> article run by the newspaper.  "Advertiser", as used in the newspaper name,
> is pretty common in regular 'ole newspapers, which don't differ at all
> from papers that use names like "Herald", "Examiner" and the like.
> I'd guess that the newspaper did the basics, such as to verify that she did
> actually interview the victim, and that her quoting of the victim was
> accurate.   Printing a falsified interview with the victim of an incident 
> which had as much publicity as this one would lead to all sorts of problems
> for the newspaper, so it's really hard to believe they wouldn't cover their
> ass.
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