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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Tue Oct 7 09:43:11 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> A herd? How many were there? Are they dangerous? But heck, you're a gun
> nut aren't you? (just joking, just joking). And what about snakes? I
> heard that large poisonous snakes love to hide near the palmettos
> waiting for foresters to come along. <G> Oh, also, glad I remember this
> one- what about those "killer bees", are they a problem? Or do they help
> drive the wimpy foresters into office jobs and leave the woods for you
> real John Wayne types?

A herd is more than one, when a good sized one is on your kiester there
is no need to count!  5 rattlers killed the same day.  Killer bees. 
Humm, arn't those the politicians that screw up the orderly flow of
> How many helpers did you have to mark that 150 mbf? What sort of marking
> tool do you use. (a conversation only fully appreciated by "mud"
> foresters- all PHD's can skip this paragraph)

Crew of three, me and two helpers (I am a strange being in the ranks of
consulting foresters, it would seem.  I like to do the job I was trained
for).  We use Panama back pack guns carried in military Alice Packs..  A
good day we can do 50 acres.  A good day and a good stand and we can do
better.  Two markers and one tally man, the tally man switches off with
the painters, necessary in the heat.  I have trained and worked both my
hands (Texan for helper) for a number of years so it makes a very
efficient team.
Don Staples

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