RePlanting Trees

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Oct 7 07:17:48 EST 1997

R.R. wrote:
> I have alot maple trees in my woods that I would like to plant in
> my field to extend the wooded area so I can Cut back On grass cutting
> time.
>      What should be the smallest size I should uproot?And the largest?I
> have a few 8-10ft trees that I would like to plant in the field.
>      After I uproot them,what is the best way to care for them in there
> new location?What is the best way to replant them?
>      Any info would be appreciated.

Kind of depends on how much work you want to put into this project. If
you don't plant anything and simply stop mowing that edge of the field,
it will only take a few years before you have shrubs and trees. If it
were me I'd look for trees about 2-3' tall since they don't yet have a
big root mass. Once the trees get much bigger you have to dig up a huge
root ball. Seems like too much trouble to me. Those smaller trees will
grow pretty fast. Plant as many as you have energy for since some will
die. I suggest putting some deer repellent in the area since deer love
to munch on small maples. Also, maples do best on fertile soils with
high moisture content but good drainage. Don't let the nearby trees
overtop them. Too much shading will slow their growth, but maples are
very shade tolerant. They'll survive forever in the shade - they just
won't grow there.

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