Newgroup announcement: alt.forestry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Oct 7 07:08:48 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> I've sent the control newgroup message, so look for alt.forestry on a
> news server near you.  If it doesn't show up, ask your sysadmin to
> add it to your news feed.
> alt.forestry    Discussion of forestry related topics.
> Charter:  Appropriate topics include discussion of forest management
> including techniques of harvest, erosion control, replanting, fertilization,
> brush control, wildlife management and multiple use considerations.
> Discussions of forestry politics and economics are also appropriate.
> Heated discussion is appropriate as long as it concerns forestry.  When any
> post mentions Nazis it shall be ruled automatically off topic.

Far out! Now let's race have a race to see who gets posted first; for
this will be remembered as a big day in forestry history books of the
future. The very first forestry newsgroup on planet Earth without that
silly agro word in the title.

I'm sure all the 50 state Chief Foresters will line up to commemorate
this "happening" along with leaders in the USFS and of course the
honchos of all the forestry colleges- after all, this is where Earth's
forestry elite of the elite will be found. <G> Those that don't show up
will be acknowleging their ignorance of the internet, the greatest
advance in communication since the invention of the printing press. They
will be hiding behind their oak panneled offices, their prestigeous
titles, and their secretaries- attempting to continue their isolation
from reality. But here on the net that stuff doesn't impress anyone as
we're all naked here. The Kings have no clothes. <G>

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