Headwaters Forest Video Available

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 7 06:48:31 EST 1997

McKenney wrote:
> I stand by my statement and I know plenty  about marking and selling
> timber; tramp metal in marked trees, barbed wire in boundary trees, and
> working with loggers on timber sales after having sold timber and chased
> boundary lines for 20 plus years just up the road from the socialist
> republic of Massachusetts.

Perhaps all that old metal was put in those trees by previous
generations of leftists. <G>

Actually I wish Mass. was more socialist. Our yuppie born with a silver
spoon in his mouth governor Weld has been working at a feverish pitch to
beat down those welfare queens and all those other social programs. And
despite this effort at trying to prove what a wonderful
anti-humanitarian Repbulican he is; that Nazi Jessie Helms wouldn't let
Weld be the ambassador to Mexico- all because Weld thought that perhaps
it's OK for dying cancer patients to smoke dope to relieve their agony.
Helms, a born again Christian, believes it's better for those patients
to suffer.

Here the distribution of wealth sure doesn't look like Sweeden or
Switzerland where almost everybody is middle class. No way- none of that
disgusting egalitarianism. Here, like the rest of America, the rich own
almost everything, the legions of poor are increasing, more people with
lousy jobs, more people with no medical insurance, housing nobody can
afford, declining quality of public schools, increasing violence like
drive by shootings, increasing environmental pollution, etc., etc. Thank
God for the Gipper! He made America stand tall again!

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