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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 7 06:33:00 EST 1997

catherine yronwode wrote:

(much deleted)

> Look, they hold public meetings giving non-violence training before
> every rally. What more can you ask? I trust them. They renounced
> tree-spiking in 1993, after a long series of public meetings (they are
> very public around here) and they have apologized openly in print for
> their former "misguided" tactic.

At least the "left" can appolgise for their RELATIVELY minor "bad act".
When the "right" does something evil apologies are NOT forthcomming.
America still refuses to appologise for slavery, environmental
destruction, the Vietnam "police action", massive poverty that shouldn't
exist in a wealthy nation, exporting jobs, paving over much of the
country for more hideous shopping centers, massive poisoning of the
earth with radioactive wastes (near many military bases) and PCB's,
etc., etc., etc. By comparison- spiking a few trees was no big deal- but
it's made into a big deal- as if it were the most horrible thing ever
done on the planet. This spiking activity is probably the last gasp of
the left- and the right wingers have nobody left to jump on. (not
implying our own D.S. is a right winger <G>)

The American political "scene" was far more interesting when there was a
balance between left and right. But now the right has won it all. They
destroyed the "evil empire" by impovershing the American middle class
with aburdly high military spending, the labor union movement is dead as
a door nail; the environmental movement has been in retreat for decades;
they beat down the only good radio station in America - National Public
Radio, they're trying to slash all public spending on the arts, etc.,
etc.- all because Bill Gates NEEDS another tax break. Isn't it terrible
how we've VICTIMIZED the rich by taxing them! The stock market booms,
the rich buy multiple homes and cars, while more and more people can't
afford to see a doctor; more people living on the streets; a third of
young black men are in prison; more alcholism and drug addiction than
ever- but close your eyes to these PROBLEMS because the Goddam STOCK
MARKET is going up- the only barometer of national health to the money
grubbing fools that own America and their kiss ass flunkies- who
actually think that Rush Limbaugh is an intellectual and Newt Gingrich
is a leader.

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