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>> Rather than being disingenous, why not simply say what you mean, that you
>> think EF! was responsible even though they don't claim to have done it?  In
>> other words, that Bari and other EF!ers are lying?  Why beat around the
>> bush?  Cut to the chase, man!

>Oh, chill out Baccus.  I said nothing of the sort, implied nothing of the
>sort, and didn't even think it.

1. You made the statement that the article was a "paid advertisement"

 - and -

2. That because of Judi's connection with EF!, she could not be an objective
   observer, which implies that her "paid advertisement" (which was an article
   for which she was likely paid) was subjective, i.e. not to be trusted.

>Nobody in the timber industry worries about it any more.  It's strictly
>an urban concern.  I'm willing to bet that the yoyo screaming about
>E!F doesn't have a single callus on his hands that a golf club didn't
>put there.

Check his web page, he's a professional forester working as a consultant to
owners of smaller woodplots in Texas.  People like you, but in a different

>You gotta quit slipping your meds.  The world really isn't full of demons.

Two ad hominum attacks in one post.  What's wrong, don't you have anything
concrete to add to the discussion?

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