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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Tue Oct 7 09:58:50 EST 1997

Don Baccus wrote:
> In article <01bcd173$a9614660$bf0320ce at mckenney>,
> McKenney <d_mckenney at conknet.com> wrote:
> >I stand by my statement
> I appreciate your agreeing that Staples is full of shit.  There's plenty of
> room for debate over timber policy (given your background, we may stand
> on opposite sides of various specific issues, but I don't care at this
> point) but there's really no room, or excuse, for lying over and over
> again.

It is nice being loved.  Whats the matter Baccus, didn't like the
suggestion you get a real job?

Don Staples

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