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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Tue Oct 7 11:42:40 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Don Staples wrote:
> Are those wild boars as big as farm pigs? 

A 500 pounder is not unheard of.  We killed one several years ago that
had created havoc in one of our new plantations.  Ran down each row like
a D-8 uprooting all the seedlings to get to the roots.  Two of us
couldnot move the hog.  Wolves (coyotes) eventually  ate and moved the

> rattlers? No wonder you're into guns.

Guns? Dont need no stinkin' guns!  Kill em with a cruise stick.  More
exciting that way.  Let's see, a three foot cruise stick, and a six foot
rattler.  Adrenyl city!

 <G> But what about the bees, I
> thought they had overrun the south. I'm already allergic to nice
> friendly bees; one sting from the killers and I'm a gonner.

Bees not this far north as of yet.  Holled up about 100 miles south. 
They don't seem to like the weater, disease, parasites, predators, etc. 
The Killer Bees are not more deadly as individuals, but they are
persistant in their attack, will chase for perhaps a quarter mile.  THey
are also in to mass attack.  The Texas deaths have been either elderly
or kids that have hundreds of stings, with an allergic reaction that
shuts down systems.  Nasty critters.
> Yuh, I like the Panama gun and I also have one mounted to a backpack. It
> really is the most efficient way to mark- and if a fire starts up you
> could it out with that thing. I always pump the pressure extremely high
> and I can shoot that paint for 50'. When marking I always mark the best
> trees 20' high with vast amounts of neon orange paint so the buyers can
> see that tree from anywhere in town. <G> I feel like "une arteest" doing
> this. The poorer the tree the lower the marking with less paint. So the
> effect when walking through is similar to the illusion of the basal area
> prism. The best trees appear "over represented". It's not cheating
> because it's only an illusion. My tallys are very consistent if not
> accurate, so nobodies complaining. But I do get better prices this way.
> I'm sure the buyers will say, "I got the forestmeister's tally OK, but
> the grade didn't come out as well as I thought".

Good thought.  My buyers like my marking because of consistency.  As we
talked before, we dont grade our mark down here, to many markets looking
for different products, so we tally stems by height (to merchantable
diamter) and diameter.  Table reflects that in the bid package.  We do
not offer our estimates on volume, to many games played by buyers as to
what is consitered a "guarentee" if you even mention volume.  Pulpwood
buyers will tell you that they didn't cut out when in reality they moved
75% as logs and only the culls and tops went into pulp wood.  Loggers
will move logs as chip and saw to tell you the log volume did not fill
out.  A game that most consultants opted out of by selling by the stem.

By the way, got a rain day today.  Pain in the butt.  I could be making
Don Staples

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