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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 7 11:01:56 EST 1997

Don Baccus wrote:
> In article <343A1DEC.7FF4 at forestmeister.com>,
> Joseph Zorzin  <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote:
> >At least the "left" can appolgise for their RELATIVELY minor "bad act".
> And while EF! may be considered the "left", I hope you're not making the
> mistake of believing that forest conservation is only fought for by those
> on the left.

Well, EF would be considered on the left since it's actions hurt a large
business. The EF efforts aren't really in the tradition of forest
conservation, it's forest preservation- the two are NOT the same. And
unfortunately most professional foresters think anyone who would want to
protect an old growth forester is a lunatic; ergo to the left. This
attitude is brainwashed into foresters heads in college. I don't agree
with their attitude at all. I think we should give the country back to
the Indians and the rest of us should leave- after all we stole it from
them. Enough forests in America (most of them) have been raped and
butchered. What little remains should be saved from the axe; just so we
can see what a pristine paradise North America was before those
"honkies" showed up.

> Those who claim to be conservatives and are today in control of the
> Republican Party form the majority of those fighting against forest
> conservation, but there area a sprinkling of liberals in
> with them.  Likewise, pro-forest conservation forces include political
> conservatives, not surprising since the conservation movement was borne
> of populist conservative parents (Teddy being an example).  It is true
> that conservatives who are pro-forest conservation have been locked out
> of positions of power in today's Republican Party, but that's really a
> recent event - 20 years, in Oregon.

Not a real liberal of course in amongst them. Yuh, 20 years is about
right; it was Tricky Dick who first started turning back the clock; he
started the shrinking of the USFS. And now that our political system is
in the hands of those wealthy "campaign contributers"; we can't expect
to find national policies in tune with most people. We've got to have
campaign reform.

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