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Tue Oct 7 10:46:27 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> A herd is more than one, when a good sized one is on your kiester there
> is no need to count!  5 rattlers killed the same day.  Killer bees.
> Humm, arn't those the politicians that screw up the orderly flow of
> things?

Are those wild boars as big as farm pigs? I never realized how big a pig
could get until one day I'm walking down the road in front of my slum
apartment building and I look down the road and this hippopotamus was
comming right at me! When I rubbed my eyes and looked again I realized
the farmer down the road's missing a pig. It really was huge and looked
like it could run down a crowd of people if it was in a bad mood. 5
rattlers? No wonder you're into guns. <G> But what about the bees, I
thought they had overrun the south. I'm already allergic to nice
friendly bees; one sting from the killers and I'm a gonner.

> >
> > How many helpers did you have to mark that 150 mbf? What sort of marking
> > tool do you use. (a conversation only fully appreciated by "mud"
> > foresters- all PHD's can skip this paragraph)
> Crew of three, me and two helpers (I am a strange being in the ranks of
> consulting foresters, it would seem.  I like to do the job I was trained
> for).  We use Panama back pack guns carried in military Alice Packs..  A
> good day we can do 50 acres.  A good day and a good stand and we can do
> better.  Two markers and one tally man, the tally man switches off with
> the painters, necessary in the heat.  I have trained and worked both my
> hands (Texan for helper) for a number of years so it makes a very
> efficient team.

Yes very strange- you actually like going out and doing forestery!
That's why you won the "forestmeister award". Only the crem de la crem
can earn it. <G> Around here, many foresters consider the "field hand"
that marks timber is the least important person in forestry. The office
"big whigs" consider their work far more important. I think they have
this backwards. If I ran the world, I'd have greenhorn foresters start
their careers in the office doing planning and deep thinking, just like
in college. When they've proven themselves, I'd promote them out to the
woods where they can contribute some usefull work to the world. And
after many years of work in the woods, they'll get to create their own
web page- and maybe even earn the "forestmeister web award". <G>

Yuh, I like the Panama gun and I also have one mounted to a backpack. It
really is the most efficient way to mark- and if a fire starts up you
could it out with that thing. I always pump the pressure extremely high
and I can shoot that paint for 50'. When marking I always mark the best
trees 20' high with vast amounts of neon orange paint so the buyers can
see that tree from anywhere in town. <G> I feel like "une arteest" doing
this. The poorer the tree the lower the marking with less paint. So the
effect when walking through is similar to the illusion of the basal area
prism. The best trees appear "over represented". It's not cheating
because it's only an illusion. My tallys are very consistent if not
accurate, so nobodies complaining. But I do get better prices this way.
I'm sure the buyers will say, "I got the forestmeister's tally OK, but
the grade didn't come out as well as I thought".

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