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Tue Oct 7 09:57:09 EST 1997

R.R. wrote:
> I have alot maple trees in my woods that I would like to plant in
> my field to extend the wooded area so I can Cut back On grass cutting
> time.
>      What should be the smallest size I should uproot?And the largest?I
> have a few 8-10ft trees that I would like to plant in the field.
>      After I uproot them,what is the best way to care for them in there
> new location?What is the best way to replant them?
>      Any info would be appreciated.
Unless you have one of the large machines that takes a tree out with a
large root ball of dirt surrounding the roots, don't move anything
bigger than you can move with a shovel.  The best bet may be to get a
bundle of seedlings from a nursery or the state agency in your area and
plant according to the recommendations.  You can put a lot of work into
transplanting seedlings from woods to field and have a lot of failure. 
Nursery grown seedlings are hardened off in a cooler (down south,
anyway) and are fully dormant when planted.  This allows a little
breathing room to allow the soil to settle in around the roots after

If you do decide to transplant, keep roots damp, plant as soon as
possible.  More time available with a root ball intact.

Good luck.
Don Staples

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