120 new acres

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Oct 8 05:49:49 EST 1997


> I make every effort to educate landowners I work with.  In the end you
> still have to do what the client wants.  It's foolish to turn down business
> just because the landowner is not interested in good forestry.  After all,
> someone else will come along and take the work if you don't.  I still sleep
> well at night.

Trying to convince a landowner that good forestry is also the correct
financial decision can be difficult. Luckily around here, land values
are so high because of the tourist industry- that I tell them if the
cutting is maximized to maximize the profit, then an even greater value
will be lost from the real estate value. I'm not sure if I could prove
the point in a court of law, but I think it's reasonable.

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