Intensive Plantations

Paul Morgan t2r6 at
Tue Oct 7 21:07:09 EST 1997

 We are getting ready to plant some acreage we own in Maine with seedlings
and I'm looking for any information or pointers on the following:

The nursury we have been considering recommends planting white pines 8x8.
If the target tree count per acre at harvest is 150-200, then most of the
pines will be thinned out.  Do the following make any sense?

1)  Plant 16x16 (or whatever gives you 200/acre) initially, after a few
years, prune off the oldest year's growth annually.  How would this affect
the timber quality vs. 8x8 with thinnings?

2) Plant 8x8, but at each thinning plant a shade tolerant tree to replace
each thinned tree.

3) Plant alternate shade-intolerant and shade-tolerant trees, slow down the
shade-tolerant trees (overpruning perhaps?) to ensure the shade-intolerant
crowns dominate the canopy.

4) Plant shade-intolerants 8x8, slow down the alternate trees, hope they

Any other ideas to create multi-storied plantations?  All the plantations I
have seen (admitedly not many) appear to be designed for a clear-cut final
harvest, which I would prefer to avoid.


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