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>As Anders pointed out, close spacing suppresses lower branch growth in
>young trees and forces a taller growth with more clear wood.  Pruning
>is also becoming more common, though it is still far from universal.
>If you can manufacture 17' of clear log it's a big paycheck, so lots
>of small landowners are giving it a try.  

Right, with our Southern softwoods the planting spacing is contingent on
the site quality.  If you get too many seedlings on poor to moderate site
they will never make it to the first thinning without stagnating in growth.
 Many of the more open spacings are used by industry and a few consultants
pushing short rotations for maximum return (not that I agree with them).

You are also a rare breed among small landowners with your knowledge of
local silviculture and markets.  Most small landowners need some technical
assistance or they end up with a mess and nothing to show for it.

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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