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Tue Oct 7 20:26:20 EST 1997

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>The service forester/consultant gets the property after the sale. 
>Sometimes you just want to throw up your hands.  I qualify this by saying
>that there are wood buying foresters you can well trust your timber to.  In
>Alabama they are accountable through the registeration process.  But you
>better be damn sure...

Been there, done that, Steve.  <g>

I make every effort to educate landowners I work with.  In the end you
still have to do what the client wants.  It's foolish to turn down business
just because the landowner is not interested in good forestry.  After all,
someone else will come along and take the work if you don't.  I still sleep
well at night.

Bob Miller
ex-service forester
wood buying forester
Registered Forester

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