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Larry Caldwell larryc at
Wed Oct 8 14:40:11 EST 1997

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Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote:

> Far out! Now let's race have a race to see who gets posted first; for
> this will be remembered as a big day in forestry history books of the
> future. The very first forestry newsgroup on planet Earth without that
> silly agro word in the title.

Don't everybody type a once, we don't want to overload all those NNTP
servers around the world!  

I just checked, and alt.forestry is up on Deja News, so I guess the 
newgroup message took.  Be sure and bug your ISP to add it to their
> I'm sure all the 50 state Chief Foresters will line up to commemorate
> this "happening" along with leaders in the USFS and of course the
> honchos of all the forestry colleges- after all, this is where Earth's
> forestry elite of the elite will be found. <G> Those that don't show up
> will be acknowleging their ignorance of the internet, the greatest
> advance in communication since the invention of the printing press. They
> will be hiding behind their oak panneled offices, their prestigeous
> titles, and their secretaries- attempting to continue their isolation
> from reality. But here on the net that stuff doesn't impress anyone as
> we're all naked here. The Kings have no clothes. <G>

I dunno, I wouldn't mind having an oak panneled office, a prestigious
title and a secretary.  Instead, I have a PC in a corner, a dog that's
past his prime, and most people would be hard put to tell you my first
name.  Nothing like getting down and dirty with reality.

I dunno about the naked part either.  I think if I started flashing, 
it would be a memorable experience.  Folks would die laughing right
and left.  :)

-- Larry

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