Poorly shaped black cherry trees

Michael Courtney michael at helium
Thu Oct 9 07:24:20 EST 1997

There are a number of poorly shaped black cherry trees at our farm.
Most are less than 12" and shaped in such a way as it's obvious they
will not produce 8' sawlogs later in life.  4' and 6' logs are
possible, but not 8'.  On the recommendation of my forester, I'll be
going through and taking out a number of poorly shaped trees (various
species) to make more room for the nicely shaped trees.  These poorly 
shaped trees will be used for firewood.  However, I am considering 
leaving the poorly shaped cherry trees because my forester mentioned
that mills sometimes get so desparate for cherry that they will
still pay good money for poorly shaped trees/short logs.  Is it reasonable
to expect that these poorly shaped cherry trees might be more valuable than
the nicely shaped maple and poplar which would benefit from their removal?

I understand it's hard to guess about the value of trees 20 years from now,
but I'd appreciate any comments.

Michael Courtney, Ph. D. 
michael at amo.mit.edu  

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