Intensive Plantations

Anders Axelsson anders.axelsson at
Thu Oct 9 02:29:16 EST 1997

Paul Morgan <t2r6 at> wrote in article
<61eq4f$bgq at>...
> 2) Plant 8x8, but at each thinning plant a shade tolerant tree to replace
> each thinned tree.
Given your objective (avoid the clear-cut) I´d go for alternative 2,with
the addition that I´d prune only the finest
pines in a 14x14 pattern.By planting 5x7, as we do, you`d further increase
the chances
of having pines that are worth pruning.Your shade-resistant trees would
impede the
final harvest and most likely get damaged too,but if you want a forest for
your great-
grandchildren to play in,it`s a great idea.


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