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Don Baccus dhogaza at pacifier.com
Fri Oct 10 08:41:54 EST 1997

In article <61kkj1$f6c7 at malun1.mala.bc.ca>, kats <kats at prcn.org> wrote:

>WHAT?  you don't think tree spiking is terrorism?????  Bullshit!  Hang on
>while I wire this bomb to your car....  :)  hypothetically, anyways....
>:)  SAME IDEA !!

So you wire a bomb in my car and you plaster it with signs saying "don't go
near this car, I've wired a bomb to it!"

Is your intent, then to kill me?

It is intent which differentiates murder from manslaughter.  Both are crimes,
but the law recognizes the differences.

Don't you?


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