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kats kats at prcn.org
Fri Oct 10 02:21:18 EST 1997

 Hey Don, I realize neither of you support tree spiking - and I am not
pointing fingers; I don't believe I am in the position to do that...

We have some pretty harsh laws and rules here...the forest practices code
can be pretty cut and dry sometimes...  some pretty hefty fines are imposed
upon the companies that cannot adhere to those rules...

I agree - the laws here have no "bite".    Fines have been handed out on
occasion...  most are challenged.  Most challenges win...  There is almost
always a loophole to jump through..

WHAT?  you don't think tree spiking is terrorism?????  Bullshit!  Hang on
while I wire this bomb to your car....  :)  hypothetically, anyways....
:)  SAME IDEA !!

Of course it is terrorism.    Spiking was intended to keep fallers from

EF! may or may not have spiked trees....  if you were a faller, how would
you feel about going into an area with a saw knowing there may be spiked
trees waiting for you???

Amazon Reforestation
BC, Canada
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