RePlanting Trees

Vincent Larin larin at
Thu Oct 9 20:57:07 EST 1997

R.R. wrote:

> I have alot maple trees in my woods that I would like to plant in
> my field to extend the wooded area so I can Cut back On grass cutting
> time.
>      What should be the smallest size I should uproot?And the largest?I
> have a few 8-10ft trees that I would like to plant in the field.
>      After I uproot them,what is the best way to care for them in there
> new location?What is the best way to replant them?
>      Any info would be appreciated.
>      Thank You,
>      Ryan


First of all, Ryan, for takin care of those three, after the plantation,
you should give them a lot of water for shure.  Especially if the roots
have been exposed to air for a long period, this will cause an hydric
stress.  A good thing to do, afterward is to put some wood ship over the
soil, around the tree to keep the soil wet, this will even provide some
nutriements (especially if the wood chips are from young deciduous tree.
Be sure that youre maple tree are indigene to their new location, for a
best adaptation.

Sorry for mistakesm I am french canadian (student); for the part on the
smallest size you should uproot, I am not shure if I understand, Hope this
will help


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