Headwaters Forest Video Available

Paul Morgan t2r6 at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 10 20:58:43 EST 1997

Not to change the subject, but isn't the spiking danger primarily at the saw
mill, not in the woods?

I'm not a logger, but I've done a decent amount of felling and sawing with
professional-size chainsaws on old boundary trees full of old metal and from
my experience, the steel used in nails is so mild, it is hard to tell that
you even hit it.   Although I've never hit anything larger than barbed wire
and 16-penny nails, I would think any reasonably sharp chain should chew
right through a spike.  I suspect that the danger in sawmills is due to the
combination of feed rate and large teeth where the body of the spike gets
caught in the gullet of a tooth.

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