26,000 Acres Forest Land For Sale

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sat Oct 11 13:12:40 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> In article <19971010021700.WAA08381 at ladder02.news.aol.com>,
> wwdola at aol.com (WWDOLA) wrote:
> > springs, 290,000 cords of merchantable hardwoods and pine timber.
> Is that how they cruise timber in the south?  Shoot, everybody knows
> a cord of hardwood is worth more than a cord of pine.  And they
> didn't even mention if it was all in one stack, or spread out all
> over the place.

Nope, its not.  Must be one of those real estate types.  11 cords to the
acre?  Sounds like cut over brush land.  Pulp wood in the south (Texas)
is going for $29 cord for pine, and $12 a cord for hard wood. On
occaisions, you cannot sell the hardwood.

On second thought, not knowing where the 26,000 acres is located, sounds
suspiciously like a mining reclaimation project.
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