RePlanting Trees

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Oct 11 10:20:49 EST 1997

Emil Knutti wrote:
> I tried this and have not had a lot of success.
> All of the trees that I transplanted are still alive after nearly four
> years but they are not growing.  I have concluded that young trees need
> shade.  They were thriving under the canopy but not so in open sunlight.  I
> transplanted the trees about seedling size, i.e., around a foot in height.

Young trees don't require shade but they do require the appropriate soil
and moisture to grow to the maximum capability of the species.

> Another thing that might be against my plantings is that the soil is very
> tight clay and is relatively flat so the water content of the soil might be
> too great for maples.  I don't fertilize them because that seems to attract
> the deer which abound around my house.

Maples do best on deep fertile soils with high moisture content but good
drainage. A high organic content in the top soil is usually required.

> If anyone has any ideas on how to make these stunted trees grow, please
> advise.

Fertilize and water them but be sure the drainage is good by adding some
trenching. Some trees spend several years developing their root system,
then they shoot up. This may be happening with your trees. If they have
healthy foliage they're probably healthy trees and they will shoot up

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