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Jostnix jostnix at
Sat Oct 11 06:25:21 EST 1997

I am trying to collect a good calendar of events for forestry and related
subjects.  You lurkers have figured this out and are sending me stuff by
personal reply.  That does not mean you can't go public with it here
though.  I'll still get it on the calendar.

Please check to see if your meeting or event is already up.  If not, then
either post it here or send me a reply off group.  I hate to say this but
the events section of my site is possibly more popular than my links or
features.  Last week 400 people (700 the week before) looked at the
calendar and I have only had it "live" a month.

For a look go to then to the community
section or...

directly to

Thanks for you visit
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