Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Oct 11 13:20:57 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Uh... Don.... try alt.forestry, not rec.forestry. I think this error is
> a Freudian slip that your work is pure recreation. <G> Chasing them
> boars and snakes.
> After you ask your internet provider it will usually still take a few
> days before they latch on to it.
> Der Yankee Forestmeister

You Yankees are all alike, I left something out, and you didn't catch
it!  I should have said both rec and alt, not remembering (boars do that
to ya) from day to day, I run both to see if there is a hit.  No luck
since on either.  Asked provider about a week ago with no response.

By the way, before the monsoons struck, we marked 260,000 bd ft, Doyle,
in about 10 hours.  Gonna be a pay day!  Some day.  With the feds having
been shut down, some mills are paying up to $75/ton for logs.  These may
very well be the "good old days"!

Besides, forestry is rec(reation) ain't it?  Or is that alt(ternative)
life style?
Don Staples

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