Headwaters Forest Video A...

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sun Oct 12 16:23:10 EST 1997

Thomas Kellar wrote:
> Okay, folks that is enough.  As moderator of ag-forst, I officially forbid
> any more notes with "Re: Headwaters" in the subject line.  Forbidden, no
> more, kaput, finished, through, done, etc.
> Thomas
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> Thomas Kellar      Tkellar at Dayton.fsp.com
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>      While in my soul forever The drums of Pictdom sound? - REHoward

OK, you is da boss, mein kapitan! It is verboten.

Actually the subject did get beaten to death. At least the issue of the
tree spiking; rather than the core issue of how much old growth forest
we as a society should save for future generations of ecofreaks. <G>
Perhaps the thread could be restarted in alt.forestry- but hopefully
more focused on the bigger issue. Now if I can only get that newsgroup,
then bye, bye agroforestry.

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