26,000 Acres Forest Land For Sale

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Mon Oct 13 13:25:23 EST 1997

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> Hmmmm.... Seeing that I took lots of Latin in high school and a 5 credit
> course on Medieval Latin in college (required of all forestry majors)
> and seeing that I'm directly descended from both Julius Caeser and
> Leonardo DaVinci I'll take a stab at that- 

The world is full of wonders.  Which one of Julius' kids is your ancestor?


> it's something like "Beware of a man with only one book"

Right on the nose.  And before the literati arrive and tell us all that
it should actually be "Cave hominem ..." let me hasten to add that it's
a quote from Virgil, and I sort of felt I had to allow the old fellow
his poetic license.

It's the earliest expression I've ever found of the proposition that 
"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."  It seemed appropriate for
> Now I'll be interested in what the Texas Ranger says it really means.
> <G>

Precaverse de un hombre con una libra?

-- Larry

Cave ab homine unius libri.

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