Headwaters ... Nah!! Ginseng notes too.

Michael Hagen mhagen at mail.olympus.net
Mon Oct 13 10:19:59 EST 1997

Rec. forestry was not half bad an idea. That's the excuse an old boss
always used for not giving me a raise. "What, and every day a picnic in
the woods?"

Many servers don't carry all the alt. groups so lots of us may not get
to catch the joe&don show if they move. 

Obligatory agro.forestry tie in:  Just finished planting umpteen
thousand ginseng potential plants. Tried both 2 year and 1 yr old roots
and stratified seed. Placed raised beds in partially cleared hardwood
stands and in noncleared and undisturbed woods patches in between.
Overall will be 75 to 90% shade from canopy rather than shade cloth. Its
been the wettest September in ten years and the mushrooms all came up
early.  Made me wonder about mycorhizal connections with the ginseng. 

Anticipated problems:  mountain beavers, voles, windthrow, late wet
springs.  Anticipated benefits: additional income for landowners with
land "caught" in the riparian strip or other reasons for augmenting
timber income. I plan on being able to show real outcomes, not just

Mike H.

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