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Larry Caldwell larryc at
Mon Oct 13 13:25:15 EST 1997

In article <343BF67E.435 at>,
Don Staples <dstaples at> wrote:

> Hasnot reached Texas, yet.  Maybe indians held up the stage.

How about now?  I keep expecting you master foresters to dominate 
alt.forestry, but so far all I've seen is blushing virginity.  Hardly
the publix image of a Texan, ya know?

Bug your ISP to add it to your news feed.  Shoot, I sent the cmsg newgroup
from Teleport, and I had to get the admins to manually add it to the news
feed.  They aren't accepting any new alt groups except by user request.

It really is rude to carry on a lot of these discussions in 

-- Larry

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