Board Feet From Logs?

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Mon Oct 13 11:30:58 EST 1997

mcready at writes:

>Why do many environmentalists have log homes?  If we should 'save all our
>trees' why aren't they crying about all the trees wasted on their homes?

You just touched a nerve.  The assumption that if you are not a radical
EFer or a channeled political greenie you are not an environmentalist.
Please go to  and read The

My contention is that the traditional environmentalist is trained at the
best forestry schools in the nation and work toward sustainability and
multiple-use.  Ugly words to some...

>Just out of curiousity, how many board feet of lumber is needed to build
>an average three bedroom house? 

Rule of thumb is 10 mbf per average house...

> And, how many houses could you build with
>lumber made from a three bedroom log home?  (Always wanted to know this.)

Because of residues like slabs, kerf and other things you might not have
as much as you suspect.  But I get your drift and there is some irony that
some no-cut activists love their wood products. 

>Wouldn't it be nice if educated foresters, not environmentalists, could
>manage our forests?  Forest management has come a long way since the
>clear-cutting of the early 1900s.

The fact is that foresters are everywhere.  Lets just get them vocal and
involved in a newsgroup like this.  Don't think for a minute the
alternative movements are skipping the internet as a forum...

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