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kats kats at prcn.org
Sun Oct 12 04:35:26 EST 1997

:So you wire a bomb in my car and you plaster it with signs saying "don't go
:near this car, I've wired a bomb to it!"

:Is your intent, then to kill me?
:It is intent which differentiates murder from manslaughter.  Both are
:but the law recognizes the differences.
:Don't you?
Of course i recognize the difference - i am not a fool

when will  it ever be understood by many that we are all on the same fucking
planet  --  we will all be coming to the same end eventually

this end, we as humans have designed exclusively for us????

excuse me for being fed up with being a martyr and all that shit, but, once
again, how many times do i have to say this?

who DIED and made me GOD (aah, human, i mean)

NO ONE!!!!!!!  god may be a male --hah! and i am a tree

dog (god) can be male or female or a logger or a hugger - who reallly gives
a shit other than those who aren't sure themselves????

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