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Mon Oct 13 16:25:48 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
>  Don Staples <dstaples at> writes:
>   How much new crop land would need to be
> >established for this miracle plant?  Do we face a shift from pine corn
> >rows to pot corn rows?
> Thats the point.  You will have to clear untold acres to make this plant
> productive.  It takes intensive agriculture with all the attending
> ecological problems.
> My wife thought I made a good case for planting maryjane.  I, on the other
> hand, thought I had brought some reason and sanity to continuing to
> reforest with trees.
> Pines to thats a thought.

One could consider the ease in marketing as a prime factor in reducing
the cost of plantation managment.  Also, while shipping, you would no
longer need the double beds, only a pickup could haul a weeks harvest. 
Let's see, we could get the tobacco industry to front it (if they aren't
there already) cause they have the means to sway big gov'ment.  They
could help on the advertizine.

And from a stand management point of view, nor more site prep.  The
hangers on would clear the tops for us!  Damn, and an export crop as
well.  I am for it.  Lets go fellow foresters, into a field of pot.

Damn, I hate rainey days.

Don Staples

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