Board Feet From Logs?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Oct 13 20:05:08 EST 1997

mcready at wrote:
> Environmentalists are always harping about save the white pine, save the
> red pine, save this tree, etc.  They have recently calls for 'zero-cut' in
> National Forests, which to me doesn't represent forest management at all.

If all cutting on National Forests was stopped, the timber prices on
private land would go up, and since I sell timber off private land- my
fees would go up- so if I want to be selfish which of course is the WAY
in our greedy capitalist society - I should encourage stopping such
National Forest harvesting. <G>

> Why do many environmentalists have log homes?  If we should 'save all our
> trees' why aren't they crying about all the trees wasted on their homes?

Very few environmentalists say all harvesting should stop on National
Forests, most say it could be done better.

> Wouldn't it be nice if educated foresters, not environmentalists, could
> manage our forests?  Forest management has come a long way since the
> clear-cutting of the early 1900s.

Ya know, there is no reason why this distinction should be made between
foresters and environmentalists. It's foolish and backward thinking.
We're all environmentalists. A friend of mine in the USFS once used the
word "environmentalist" as if describing some loathsome creature- some
despicable communist. Foresters should give up this primitive
perspective. No wonder foresters have such a bad reputation as
Neanderthals among environmentalists. Foresters will get more respect in
the society at large if they BECOME "environmental foresters". Or to use
the motto of Microsoft- "embrace and extend". Seize their thunder by
listenting to what they have to say, then LEAD.

"The ONLY forester's web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of

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