Cannabis Paper

Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Oct 13 14:48:07 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
> I did this one for you Joseph Forestmeister.  I'm going to make you read
> the feature and nothing further will be said here...except to mention that
> the hemp movement is alive and well on the internet.

Nothing more will be said?  Nah, not as long as I can turn the computer
on!  You just encouraged die Forestmeister to clear cut and plant
Cannabis savatica, for paper of course.  Never wave a palmated leaf in
front of a '60's forester, he'll figure a way to smoke it!

Good article though, couple of thougts there that were on the back of my
mind from other news groups.  How much new crop land would need to be
established for this miracle plant?  Do we face a shift from pine corn
rows to pot corn rows?  It does real well here in Texas when
interplanted with pines, particularly if the pot is in the wind row ash
areas.  Pulp wood size in 18 months.
Don Staples

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