Board Feet From Logs?

mcready at mcready at
Mon Oct 13 11:55:02 EST 1997

Environmentalists are always harping about save the white pine, save the
red pine, save this tree, etc.  They have recently calls for 'zero-cut' in
National Forests, which to me doesn't represent forest management at all.

Why do many environmentalists have log homes?  If we should 'save all our
trees' why aren't they crying about all the trees wasted on their homes?

Just out of curiousity, how many board feet of lumber is needed to build
an average three bedroom house?  And, how many houses could you build with
lumber made from a three bedroom log home?  (Always wanted to know this.)

I would think log homes would be an 'awful waste' of trees!  But, you
don't hear the environmentalists call for the banning of log homes they
live in.  They just want you to stop cutting trees to build other people's

Wouldn't it be nice if educated foresters, not environmentalists, could
manage our forests?  Forest management has come a long way since the
clear-cutting of the early 1900s.

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