120 new acres

Paul Morgan t2r6 at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 14 06:09:47 EST 1997

Todd M. Bolton wrote in article <343FBC50.1A18 at erols.com>...

>Paul Morgan wrote:
>I seem to remember that current Fed tax inheretence does not start until
>$600,000.  The most recent tax changes, a month or so back, will slowly
>increase this amount at slightly more than 4% per year.  With that ifno,
>if it is correct, I guess I need to ask what is a "small" woodlot
>owner?  I would think that anyone with that amount of forest lands would
>go commercial and incorportate.  Owner sells 90% of the land to his
>corporation and pay himself via the corporate payroll.  Upon retirement
>sell the company to the children on an extended payment schedule.  Might
>technically cause the destruction of "private woodlot ownership", but
>not the actuality.

Good point...I don't recall them mentioning a $600,000 threshhold.  But the
examples they gave were of old, rich families in Maine with good size
woodlots that were a stable source of work for the local loggers.  Once the
lots were developed, of course, there wasn't much logging being done on them
anymore, causing the amount of logable woods to shrink, etc.


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