ignorant flatlander question of the month...

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Oct 14 13:40:12 EST 1997

Paul Morgan wrote:
>  Ok, so I've got a pole pruner that allows me to trim up to 18' or so.  The
> problem is that I've got absolutely gorgeous pines 30-40' tall about 1' in
> diameter with live and dead branches that I won't be able to reach with the
> pole pruner.  But is seems a shame to get only one 17' clear log what I
> could get two 17' clear logs at harvest time if I could only reach up
> another 18 feet or so.
> Is there any equipment (other than cherry pickers) or methods that allow
> trimming higher than 18'?
> Paul

I'm sure you'll figure out some way to do it. But if you factor in the
cost of your time to do that extra height (because the second log will
take a lot longer)- then this extra work is questionable economics. I
suspect that after you do a few of these you'll get tired of that extra

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