Board Feet From Logs?

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Wed Oct 15 17:23:59 EST 1997

mcready at wrote in article <876757090.27706 at>...
> Just out of curiousity, how many board feet of lumber is needed to build
> an average three bedroom house?  And, how many houses could you build
> lumber made from a three bedroom log home?  (Always wanted to know this.)
Assume a 1600 sq ft home, would be 40x40.  Log home logs that are 6x8, laid
the 8" way need 13 high to make an 8' wall.  8,320 bd ft of logs needed for
exterior walls (does not exclude windows or doors).  Another 3500 bf needed
for floors and roof.  Interior walls may use another 2000 bf if logs are
used.  Close to 14 Mbf (just a rough figure).  So why do they charge
$90,000 for a kit?  

> I would think log homes would be an 'awful waste' of trees!  But, you
> don't hear the environmentalists call for the banning of log homes they
> live in.  They just want you to stop cutting trees to build other
> houses.

It seems that the environmentalists want to ban cutting on USFS lands.  I
don't know about BIA or BLM lands.  They want their forest, but feel its OK
to cut industrial and private lands, as well as other state and local
governments.  They are the reason USFS sales do not generate income, due to
all the regs.  

The problem of zero cut on USFS lands, is where will it stop?  After the
feds, will they target state lands, then private land?  


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