Board Feet From Logs?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Oct 16 04:36:17 EST 1997

Ron Wenrich wrote:

> It seems that the environmentalists want to ban cutting on USFS lands.  I
> don't know about BIA or BLM lands.  They want their forest, but feel its OK
> to cut industrial and private lands, as well as other state and local
> governments.  They are the reason USFS sales do not generate income, due to
> all the regs.

I kind of doubt that is the reason that USFS is losing money on sales.
Everytime the government does anything, it cost more than it should. I
manage timber sales on private property and only get a small percentage.
The landowner isn't losing money. But bureaucracies are ALWAYS
overstaffed and usually overpaid compared to the private sector. It
isn't environmntalists causing the bureucracy to be inefficient. There
aren't any enironmentalists in the Pentagon. <G>

> The problem of zero cut on USFS lands, is where will it stop?  After the
> feds, will they target state lands, then private land?

I wouldn't mind if they shut down state lands too while they're at it.
That would really drive up stumpage values on private land and THEN
maybe something more than a tiny percentage of private land would go
under forest management. Then we could do away with the state
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