foliage just peaked

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Oct 16 14:35:24 EST 1997

The foliage just peaked this past week here in western New England and
this seems to have been one of the best foliage seasons in many years.

I especially enjoyed it as I've been marking timber in a magnificent old
growth stand of oak on the hillsides that wrap around a beautiful 7 acre
pond. I feel kinda guilty marking this old growth. The environmentalist
in me says -"Stop" But the multiple-use forester in me says, "Yes, Yes,
More, More". This property has some of the nicest old oak I've ever seen
and the pond looks like Waldon. As I walked around it I expected to see
old Hank Thoreau come out behind one of those 200 year old oaks and
discourse with me. Or maybe I'll see a "wood nymph" which might be even

As I was finishing up I walked around the corner of the pond where there
is some marsh- and I stired up about 20 ducks which zoomed away from at
high speed. It was quite impressive with all the leaves orange, red and
yellow and a bright grey sky. Colors- man. <G>

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