Buckeye Tree

Mjacobbe mjacobbe at aol.com
Sat Oct 18 08:42:39 EST 1997

My son and I found a Buckeye tree during a recent walk, and collected
 approximately a dozen nuts which were still in their pods.  We took the nuts
 out of the pods, and planted one in a 10" pot filled with planting soil.  We
 would like to start our own tree from the seed, but after two weeks, we have
 seen no sign of germination.  We have kept the pot indoors in a south window
 so that a squirrel would not discover and take the seed.  Can any one tell me
 how long such seeds take to germinate?  If we should have planted more than
 one, then how many?  We planted the seed eye down approximately one inch deep,
 and have given it plenty of water.  Thanks!  (If possible, please respond by

Mjacobbe at aol.com

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